Identify Opportunities Offline

You will learn: 


How to take your camera off auto mode to gain total control and inspire your creative mind to take pictures that shine. 


How get proper exposure with settings like aperture, shutter speed and ISO


You will learn how all of the modes (Auto, P, S, A and M) work and when you should be using each mode.


How to choose the right camera lens for each situation.


The ability to compose photos that are well balanced and  pleasing to the eye.

Each course contains:


4 easy to follow lesson downloads. Ranging from camera basics to creating composition. 


Motivating exercises and fun assignments to get you moving and grooving with your camera.  


A short multiple choice quiz is given at the end of each final lesson to test your new photography knowledge. 


DSLR cameras are ideal for this course, however, a digital camera with the ability to adjust ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture will also work. 

Regularly Priced at $199 Special Offer $27