Does this sound like you?
  • Your DIY website is clunky, boring, and full of bad vibes. Your work brings light and beauty into the world, but your website doesn’t reflect this at all. In fact, if anything, your site stresses you out. 

  • You’ve been avoiding a splashy public launch, because you’re worried that your not-very-functional website may actually deter clients.

  • Everything you do online feels cobbled together and not very cohesive. You have different fonts, all sorts of haphazardly placed images, a random Zoom link, and e-commerce capabilities that pretty much involve a link to your Venmo.  

  • Updating your website is painful. Like, really painful. You’re in this business to help others, not write code and tinker around with grids. There isn’t enough sage in the world to offset the bad energy that comes from all the frustration you feel when working on your site. 

Let's change that.

I will work with you to create a website that looks great, feels great, is amazingly functional, and serves as not only a reflection of your incredible light, but also as a tool to help propel your business.   

In just a few short weeks, we’ll ignite your online presence with a site that inspires, uplifts, and brings in some amazing clientele. 

Included with every package



This is heart of the project, where I really dig in to find out all about you, your vision, your goals, your ideal client, and what really inspires you. Not only do I get to learn all about you, but you will get to learn a little about yourself, as well! 

Typing on Computer



Did you know you can include your Instagram or Twitter feed on your web page? This feature is ideal for entrepreneurs who are prolific social media marketers and want something that will perform double duty. 

Tablet & Coffee



I’ll make sure your website will be easy to view on any screen, whether it’s a monitor, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile device.

Image by Conscious Design

Á la carte add-ons

Your business is unique, and so are your needs. That’s why I’ve added some optional extra services that can be added to further customize your website project.

Logo Creation

Working with logo designers across the country, I’ll help you determine the mark and font choices that are perfect for your brand. Included with the logo design are a business card design, social media templates, and files that are ready to print. 


Not a writer? Or maybe you’re struggling to find just the right words to articulate your message. This add-on service allows you to partner with a professional copywriter to capture your voice and bring your brand’s story to life. 



Whether you’re selling packages, event tickets, or company merch, setting up payments on your site has never been easier.  

Video Streaming

Host virtual classes, meetings and events with this exciting video capability. Whether you’re live-streaming or pre-recording, I can help!  



Photography is more important than ever before in helping you to tell your story and

connect with your ideal client. 

With every shoot, I am mindful not only of lighting, location, and setup, but also of your brand, your personality, and your audience. That way, your images will have the ability to quickly and easily convey the emotion that you want your tribe to feel when they encounter your business. 


Did you know the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video? 

So, what are you waiting for?  Whether it’s a customer testimonial, an event promotion, or even a stylized overview piece, I’ll see to it that your story is well-told, and your audience is left wanting more. 


Angie Hall Yoga/Package #3


  • Website Revamp

  • International Branding Photography

  • Marketing Video

  • Event Setups

"Tamela has an amazingly creative eye for detail. I’m an artist, so it was important that my website have color and flair. Tamela kept it artistic, but also gave it a very uniform and clean look.  That’s the brilliance of her talent- she is able to create ease of use and accessibility to important content, while keeping true to the personality of the business. During these times, almost all small businesses need a virtual platform, and she will help you create a beautiful, functional site that can help your business grow.  Tamela does amazing work, and you’ll just love spending time with her and absorbing her creative energy." - Angie

What Clients Are Saying


Yoga Party Live/Package #2


  • Brand Discovery

  • Logo Design

  • Branding Photography

  • Marketing Video

  • Additional Pages

  • Schedule Widget Integration

"Tamela has been very instrumental in the success of my business.  Her work is incredible from her photography/videography to her website and logo design.  I constantly get compliments on my website by other business owners.  She does it all and has a friendly, fun personality." - Donna


We Lead Events/Package #1


  • Branding Photography

  • Marketing Videos

  • Event Registration & Tickets Sales

  • Email Marketing Integration

"Tamela created a beautifully designed and functional website for WE Lead that made the registration for our workshop convenient.  The flow of the site and placement of the registration option made it easy for our participants to register and for us to track our progress.  I'd recommend Tamela for website design and photography.  She is easy, professional, very accommodating - and the end product is beautiful.  -Lisa Jane

Domestic and International Travel Availability

I can travel inside and outside of the United States to shoot events such as retreats, conferences, and even location-centric lifestyle shoots amid sea sides and mountain tops—all of which can be incorporated into your custom website. Please send me a message if you are interested in doing an on-location shoot.

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