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are you ready to live the

deep beautiful life

you were born to live?

Working with Tamela I have come to be more aware of myself. My children have seen such a transformation with how calm I am how I react to things is very different. And even down to NOT turning to alcohol for every little thing. I turn to meditation. My time with Tamela has been life changing for me and my family.  - Jenna M

This was me, maybe you relate...

I had no idea who I was and I was so unhappy myself.

I felt lost and woke up morning with a sense of doom and dredd.

I suffered with social anxiety and scarcity lack mentality.

I felt unworthy, unloveable and and not good enough.

I did what ever I could to numb out on a daily basis.

I felt as those my mere existence with doing my family a disservice.

I felt shame and guilt for my unhappiness when my life looked so good on paper.

I could feel my Soul literally trying to claw its way outside of me and wanted to give up.

I had a knowing there had to be a better way to live life, but I had no idea how to get there.

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