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Empowering heart-led
entrepreneurs to shine online with my

Soul Purpose Branding Method

I merge coaching with website development for lasting success. Embrace your uniqueness, build a meaningful, profitable healing arts business


Curious about 1:1 coaching
including website design? Read on

Turn Passion Into Profit

The Soul Purpose Branding Method

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Welcome to your Complete Program to Launch Your Healing Arts Business

Are you a heart-led service provider with a passion for holistic well-being? Feeling stuck with limiting beliefs or tech hurdles?

You're not alone -

I'm here to help break through

and bring your vision to life.

The Soul Purpose Branding Method is your ticket to making your business dreams real. I fuse coaching with building your website, giving you the tools to shine online and leave a lasting impact. Let's unlock your potential and create a thriving healing arts business together!


Hi! I'm Tamela

I truly believe that our destiny, our inner calling, and our purpose are inescapable. Guiding us towards fulfilling our unique role in this world. Ignoring this inner compass leads to increasing discomfort and delays in reaching those who need our help and talents that will enrich their lives.

With all my heart, I know that my Soul’s purpose is to serve as a conduit for you to recognize and embrace your inherent gifts. By doing so, you become visible to those who seek your guidance.

As a Soul Purpose Coach, I draw upon my experience to guide you in rediscovering your truth and with my website creation skills, I transform it into tangible results, such as a fully functional website.

Together, we'll tackle any doubts and fears while crafting a website that authentically represents you and your Heart-Led Business. Through this transformative process, we'll not only create a killer website but also lay the groundwork for a successful business launch, bringing you abundance and freedom with the Soul Purpose Branding Method.


Let’s turn your dreams and your calling into reality!

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Empowering Your Business Success
Through Coaching and Custom Website Design

How Does it Work?


We Start with Coaching for Success.

My personalized coaching sessions are designed to tackle the obstacles holding you back in your healing arts business, fostering

self-worth and confidence that transcends every aspect of your journey.


Next Phase is Website Creation

The Soul Purpose Branding Method goes beyond coaching to set up your business for success, allowing you to focus on delivering healing

and transforming lives.

Coaching Includes:

01 Time Management and Burnout Prevention:


We’ll incorporate daily habits to balance business demands while delivering quality healing services by prioritizing your personal well-being for sustainable growth.


02 Honor Your Unique Business Style Flow:

We dive deep into your human design and what makes you, you! Inviting your specific energy into your business to harmonize with your natural rhythm, allowing you to flow with ease.

03 Unleash Your Authenticity:

Through exploration of your unique authentic code, you will be empowered to make business decisions that align with your core values and bring fulfillment.

04 Discover Your SuperPowers: 


Support in identifying and embracing your strengths, turning obstacles into opportunities, owning your gifts to fulfill your purpose and discovering your niche.

05 Overcome Comparison Mode and Imposter Syndrome:


Equipped with powerful tools to reframe negative thoughts, prioritize personal growth, and celebrate achievements, you will flourish as an authentic and confident entrepreneur ready to be seen!

Website Creation Includes:

01 Creation of Your Fully Functional Website:


Establish a vibrant online vibe that speaks directly to your dream audience, showcasing your services and boosting credibility to pump up engagement and revenue. Your website is the beating heart of your online presence, leaving a remarkable first impression on visitors. Let's build a website that mirrors the beauty and one-of-a-kind essence of your services, complete with fresh content, top-notch visuals, and a comprehensive build-out.


02 Master Your Mission Statement:

Guidance in crafting a powerful mission statement that defines your target audience, their struggles, and the solutions your business provides.

03 Tap into Your “Why”:

Uncover and define your unique "why" statement, making a memorable and impactful impression on your website visitors, fostering stronger connections and loyalty.

04 Identify Your Dream Client:


Pinpoint your target audience to tailor your messages to match their needs and preferences, increasing the likelihood of meaningful engagement and connections with your ideal clients. 

05 Your Free Offer:


Craft an irresistible free offer that directly addresses your audience's needs Using a clear call-to-action on a well-optimized landing page is key to encouraging website visitors to subscribe.

06 Offers & Pricing:


Gain insights into establishing authentic and competitive prices that contribute to the success and profitability of your business.

07 Testimonials:

Receive guidance requesting testimonials. Featuring testimonials on your website provides authentic insights, building trust and credibility with potential clients.

08 Automated Email Configuration:

Effortlessly send thank-you messages to your subscribers and contacts, assuring them that their submissions have been received, and prompt follow-ups are in the works.

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