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Empowering heart-led businesses to shine online

The gifts you bring not only deserve to be seen—they deserve to be  showcased in an impactful way that will turn your passion into profit, legitimize your business and attract your soulmate clients.

Supporting passionate entrepreneurs who are struggling with their DIY website,  in  need to elevate their online presence, so they can build a profitable business doing what they love.

turning your dream into reality

Establish a vibrant online presence that speaks directly to your dream audience, showcasing your services and boosting credibility to pump up engagement and revenue. Your website is the beating heart of your online presence, leaving a remarkable first impression on visitors. Let's build a website that mirrors the beauty and one-of-a-kind essence of your services, complete with fresh content,

top-notch visuals, and a comprehensive build-out.

I'm a website designer with over 20 years in the mix, blending skills from photography to web development, and even spiritual coaching into my work. Designing websites isn't just my job; it's my passion and my calling. I understand that creating a website can feel overwhelming, from technical setup to standing out online.

That's where I step in.

With a focus on your unique vision and the needs of your audience, I'm here to deliver a site that's not only visually stunning but also user-friendly and optimized for a profitable business. Whether you're launching a new project or revamping an existing one, I'm dedicated to making your online presence as impactful as your real-world one.

Let's make your website shine together!

Hi! I'm Tamela, your
Vision Translator!

Empowering Your Business Success
Through Custom Website Design and Coaching

How Does it Work?


Select the

Option that best

meets you where you are 


"Clarity Call"

 to set up a free




we make

website design

magic that

shines online


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Option 1 -

Website Creation

is for you if this sounds like your story:

  • Your current website is severely outdated and in dire need of an overhaul.

  • It doesn’t really capture what your brand is about anymore.

  • Trying to find anything on your site? Good luck—it’s a mess.

  • It’s time to level up with some new tech features.

  • You’ve put a ton of time and energy into a DIY site and it’s still not right.

  • The web guru you had? Vanished into thin air.



  • Your site needs a boost to show everyone your business is the real deal, not just a side gig.

  • You need your online presence to shine and be fully functional ASAP.

  • You’ve got your mission statement down pat and clear on what you’re offering and at what price.

  • Techy stuff is not your jam.

Your not alone and I'm here to help!

Option 2 - Coaching with Website Design

is for you if this seems like your scenario:

  • At a loss navigating the ins & outs of website creation.

  • Challenged in defining a compelling mission statement.

  • Swamped by the technical details and mixed-up communication.

  • Confused about how to genuinely connect with your online audience.

  • Uncertain about how to effectively present your distinctive talents and services.

  • Caught in the trap of comparing your work with that of your peers, leading to a sense of paralysis.

  • Aiming for a site that strikes the perfect chord between professionalism and personal flair.

If this hits close to home then my

 Soul Purpose Branding Method

is just what you need to launch your

heart-led business!

DALL·E 2024-03-06 16.09.17 - A cozy and creative desk scene bathed in soft pastel colors.

Coaching &

Expanded Services to support the growth and streamline the operations of your business.


Management Platform

Enjoy a hassle-free launch with your customized and website-integrated HoneyBook online customer flow platform, streamlining your client experience. This includes: communication,  payments, contacts, waivers, intake forms and so much more all in one place.

Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 4.19.57 PM.png


Marketing Material

Establish a strong online presence with branded social media templates that reflect your website identity and effectively promote your business.

Untitled design copy 2_edited.jpg

Legal &

Regulatory Matters

Receive support setting up contractsliability, disclaimers and website terms to protect your business legally.

"Tamela is knowledgeable, thoughtful, easy to work with, artistic, completely supportive but more importantly,  your vision is hers! 

She listens, hears you, every step of the way until your collective vision is birthed! Tamela is a true visionary with a servant's heart..... Let her do her magic with you!! "

—Tracy LiveURYoga

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Client Love Notes

“I loved working with Tamela. She created a beautiful website, was fun to work with, and was always available when I had questions. I highly recommend her.”


                             -Anjali The Awake Life

“Tamela upgraded our website with creativity and ease.  She truly captured the essence of our yoga studio through the layouts, colors, and accessibility of the site.  She was flexible, adaptable, and available throughout the process.”


              -Claire Lighthouse Yoga

“I was super frustrated with my previous website designer. My website was blah and had very little content, I was embarrassed to send people to my website and would avoid sharing it. Tamela built a beautiful new website that I am so proud of and can't wait to share with my clients and friend's. She really listens to your wants and needs and is always quick to reply when I call, text or email. She is a beautiful soul inside and out."


               -Tammy Kalon Skin Studio

"Tamela has an amazingly creative eye for detail. I’m an artist, so it was important that my website have color and flair. Tamela kept it artistic, but also gave it a very uniform and clean look.  That’s the brilliance of her talent- she is able to create ease of use and accessibility to important content, while keeping true to the personality of the business. During these times, almost all small businesses need a virtual platform, and she will help you create a beautiful, functional site that can help your business grow.  Tamela does amazing work, and you’ll just love spending time with her and absorbing her creative energy."​                                         

                          -Angie Hall Astrology


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